Dehydrated Skin Treatment and Causes of Dehydrated Skin

Today, many people claim to have dehydrated skin and there are thousands of skincare products formulated and marketed especially for dehydrated skin. To solve the problem of dehydrated skin, you need to know the characteristics of dehydration and the causes of dehydration. Dehydrated skin is often characterized by feeling of tightness due to a lack

Elderly Skin Care Tips

Our skin changes with age. There are many factors, responsible for early aging such as diet we eat, our lifestyle, stress, obesity and heredity. Sun is also responsible for premature aging. Aging is known for causing some common skin problems in elderly people such as dry rough skin, moles, thinned skin and decrease in elasticity

Panthenol and Your Skin – What You Need to Know

Panthenol is a non-irriating form of Vitamin B that is usually derived from plants. When this natural, hydrating vitamin is applied externally, it penetrates into lower skin layers, gets absorbed into your skin cells and turns into pantothenic acid (commonly known as Vitamin B5). Because panthenol is absorbed deeply into the skin, it adds essential

What Should You Do With Your Face?

In a world today where technology and discovery is in our hands, being beautiful should not be that hard. You can simply choose among the plenty spas and beauty parlors, have a facial and voila! You now have fresh and vibrant-looking skin. But that is not the case in Singapore, one of the leading tourist

Skin Care For Kids – Tips on Basic Care

Even though you’re not a kid anymore, your skin is just as sensitive as a child’s. This means that you have to be really careful about what you use to zap those zits. Let’s look at the basic rules for teen derma care. Wash Your Face: Everybody knows that washing your face is the best

Anti Aging Products That Really Work

Thousands of anti aging products will promise to give you a fair and healthy skin, but do you know which really works for you? This article will help you identify what specific skin care product is the best to use. The real anti age product is completely packed with effective ingredients that will give a

FAQ about Water Softeners and Dry Skin

Water softeners and dry skin go hand in hand the way a treatment follows a medical condition does. Water softeners are one of the cures for dry skin, but obviously, it’s not the only treatment available. Learn more about water softeners and dry skin treatments in general with our list of FAQs below. What Can

What to Look For in the Best Skin Care Products

The best skincare products not only moisturize but they protect against free radical damage and support skin regeneration. There are some commonly used compounds that should be avoided and others that contribute to desirable, healthy skin. Here’s a brief look at both. Dermatologists, doctors that specialize in treating skin diseases, have always recommended that we

Skin Care Tips For Teens

Teenagers often have skin problems, thanks to the raging hormones that cause some pretty drastic changes in their bodies, including the skin. With acne and oily skin being the most common skin issues faced by teenagers, there are a ton of products out there designed specifically for teen skin care. It`s always handy to offset

How to Get a Clear Face And Keep It With These Great Tips For a Clear Face

Boy! There’s nothing like a clear face, free from pimples, blemishes and spots. There’s nothing like being able to look in the mirror and seeing smooth clear skin and a clear complexion. And, there’s nothing like being able to stop being embarrassed about bad skin problems. So you want to know how to get acne-free